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Special Projects

Because our focus is on Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL database technology, our team of experts is well-versed in database management. We can assist you with special projects such as database installations and upgrades, patches, backup and recovery strategies, replication and high availability, capacity planning, and more.

Database Installations and Upgrades:

We frequently assist our clients with installations, upgrades, and migrations on most flavors of UNIX, including Solaris, Linux, HP-UX, and AIX. In addition, we work with Windows. We know that installing software involves more than just a "point and click" approach. Just check out some of our popular installation guides in the Resource Library section of our site. Upgrades and migrations have to be planned for carefully. We take a methodical and conservative approach to ensure we take our clients through this process smoothly. The know-how to provide testing, planning, and validating is critical in getting through these processes smoothly.

Backup and Recovery Plans

If you are like most of our clients, your data is critical to your business, and you can't risk data loss or downtime. We can develop your backup and recovery strategy and look at meeting high availability requirements and capacity planning. We work with huge production databases on a daily basis. We also do backup and recovery, audits and testing to ensure your risk of any data loss is as low as possible.

Replication and High Availability:

The technology in this area is varied, and we use our experience to ensure your business needs are met. We work with you to understand your high availability requirements, and we'll develop and test a solution that best meets your needs.

Performance Tuning and Troubleshooting:

When you have a performance issue or a database problem that is impacting your users, it is never more important to have experience on your side. That's where our many years of experience have succeeded in problem-solving and bringing our clients through a tough database issue.

Development Support:

We work with your development team to ensure the code and queries accessing the database are well-written and scalable. We also have extensive knowledge of code that lies within the database, such as PL/SQL and often assist our clients in writing this or provide these database development services as a complement to our DBA services.

Performance Tuning

Results-Oriented Performance Tuning

We aim to work as efficiently as possible to get you quick results. Generally, it takes from a few hours to a few days to diagnose and correct most performance problems. Following a set of best practices based on years of performance tuning and troubleshooting experience, we begin by developing an understanding of your needs and system issues. We then identify performance bottlenecks and wasted resources and recommend changes to improve performance. These recommendations are tested and a deployment plan is developed. Changes are implemented, and we work with you to monitor performance gains and continue to tune until your scalability and performance goals are met.

Recognized Experts

Our team of recognized industry leaders will analyze your system and work with your team to:
  • Improve database performance and response time
  • Minimize downtime and expenses
  • Make the best use of current hardware and software
  • Achieve your scalability and performance goals
  • Reduce future risk of poor performance
  • There's No Substitute for Experience

Database Analysis and Design

In-depth Research:

We do our research to help you avoid potential snags that lie ahead. The majority of databases powering today's leading companies are built on technology, but each implementation is unique. This is why we feel it is important to do an analysis of your needs and requirements before designing your database.

We know the working of Databases inside and out, and do the researches that will help create a better application. Having us on board will help develop a better product, and help prevent mistakes that become more costly down the road.

Reduced Spending:

By interviewing users or potential users of your product, we establish what their requirements of your database are going to be up front, before you sink money into unwanted or unnecessary features. The result of our analysis is a specification of needs: how the processes will flow from a user's perspective. We ask the right questions to get to the core of your users' needs, and to make sure the processes we outline correctly map to database functionality your users need.

Once we've delivered a high-level specification for what your database is going to do for users, it's time to Design and Architect the System.

Once you've got a specification for what your system has to do, we develop a schema, or logical design, for the database, as well as architecture of how the system will look.

Logical Design:

The logical design is a blueprint for the development of the database, and it is crucial that your database be built right from the very beginning. Database has many features, and we know how best to use them. This helps our clients avoid repeating processes, and use functionality available within the database from the very beginning.


A good database includes more than just good logical design; it also requires an optimized architecture of your hardware for maximum results. At DBAGUYS we know our hardware, and we know how to get the best performance out of it. We ensure you have the proper hardware in the optimal configuration.

Throughout the design and architecture phase we work with senior management and your senior development team to produce three things:

  • A road map of what the physical systems are going to be;
  • A specification of what technologies are going to be leveraged (Database, its features and JDBC Drivers, application layer specifications, etc
  • A specification of what programs need to be written, i.e. "Stored procedure for a newscast personalized to a user's preferences based on ratings".
For more details, write mail to enquiry@dbaguys.com
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